Villa Crine’s Biroccio wine is a perfect harmony between sweet and dry.
The wine is the result of the same technique used to make the Ripasso wine. Rather than using the skins of the Amarone, the skins of the sweet Recioto wine are added to the ValpolicellaSuperiore lending their sweetness and flavour. The resulting wine has a rich bouquet with fragrant aromas of black cherry, sour cherry, and currents enriched with notes of rose flowers, dark chocolate, and a hint of sweet spices like vanilla. It has a long smooth finish. It’s a wine that’s often appreciated even by those who don’t normally appreciate sweet wines. It’s ideal as an accompaniment for conversations between friends.
IGT Il biroccio Villa Crine
Vino Il Biroccio IGT Villa Crine rosso veronese ripasso nelle vinacce recioto
Red Veneto sweet passito wine IGT
Corvina Veronese 60%, Rondinella 30%, Molinara 10%
The altitude of the vineyard is between 200 and 300 metres above sea level. The soil composition includes clay, tuff and alluvial gravel, with calcareous marine rock.
The vines are trained in the pergola system. The density of the vines is between 4,500 and 6,000 plants per hectare with a yields of about 9000 kg/ha
The grapes are harvested by hand between the end of September and the beginning of October.
The grapes are soft pressed in steel tanks. It aged in oak barrels for about six month and further aged in bottle for 6 months.
Tasting notes
Brilliant ruby red. Rich and fragrant bouquet with fruity hints of cherry and black cherry enriched with notes of rose, chocolate and small sweet spices such as vanilla. The palate is ample, enveloping, and velvety with a perfect balance between sweetness and a vibrant acidity.
Alcohol %
Pairing suggestions
Suitable for all occasions, ideal with medium-aged cheeses, dry pastry
Ideally served at 16°C.