Grapes withering

An ancient and unique technique of the Valpolicella Classica

Grapes withering/drying
An ancient and unique technique of the Valpolicella Classica
The drying is the artisanal and ancient technique that consists in “drying” the grapes before pressing and which distinguishes the production of Amarone and Recioto wines. This art, known for centuries in the Venetian regions since Roman times, begins with the harvesting of the selected and most sparse bunches at the right point of ripeness; laid in large perforated plastic boxes, they are left to rest in the cold months for about 100 days depending on the year and the water content of the grapes.
At the end of the drying cycle the bunches will have lost 30-40% of their original weight by concentrating sugars, aromas and polyphenols and, sometimes, above-average glycerines if attacked by the “noble rot”. During the withering period the constant aeration is guaranteed in the environment of the loft where we preserve and still use, next to the modern plastic boxes, the wooden and bamboo racks called in dialectal terms “Arele”, testimony of tradition and knowledge of the Venturini family.
Towards January we proceed with a soft pressing and a long fermentation at low temperature.
The drying gives the Amarone and Recioto Villa Crine body, structure and a very high concentration and aromatic expression.
Uva Passita - appassimento uva
Grapes drying/withering
Fruttaio Villa Crine
Fruttaio Villa Crine
Uva appassimento arele
Grapes withering over “arele”