Villa Crine’s Amarone is the expression of grapes from the most precious vineyards. Corvina Rondinella and Molinara are carefully selected and left to dry for 120 days. The fruit of the withering is a distilled essence of aromas. The long aging in oak barrels gives balance, power, elegance and finesse at the same time. The bouquet is broad and wrapping with fruity notes of cherry, wild blackberry and red fruit jam and hints of sweet spices such as cloves, cocoa and tobacco. In the mouth it is soft but intense and surprises the finesse of the tannins and the long persistence.
Amarone della Valpolicella Villa Crine
Amarone della Valpolicella Villa Crine
Amarone della Valpolicella Docg classico
Corvina 60%, Rondinella 30%, Molinara 10%.
The altitude of the vineyard is between 200 and 300 metres above sea level. The soil composition includes clay, tuff and alluvial gravel, with calcareous marine rock.
The vines are trained in the pergola system. The density of the vines is between 4,500 and 6,000 plants per hectare with a yields of about 9000 kg/ha.
Rigorously manual selective harvesting of the most scattered bunches to be destined to withering from the end of September to mid-January. Clusters which are less compact are especially chosen to be laid aside for drying.
Drying process
The grapes are set aside to dry for about four months in wood crates or on a wood grating in a well-ventilated drying room
Aging process
The grapes are soft pressed in the months of January. After that fermentation takes place in steel tanks, then the wine is aged for three years in oak barrels which range in size from 10 to 30 hL and further maturation takes place in the bottle which is stored for a year in ancient tuff stone cellars.
Tasting notes
It has a wonderful appearance with a deep ruby colour. The bouquet is broad and wrapping with fruity notes of cherry, wild blackberry, chocolate and spicy notes given by cocoa and tobacco woods. The palate is very smooth, enveloping and persistent.

Alcohol %

Minimum 15% or higher depending on the year
Pairing suggestions
Tasty first courses (risotto, egg pasta), meat or wild game (braised or stewed) and medium-aged cheeses
Serve in large wine glasses. It’s advisable to open the bottle a couple hours before serving. Ideal temperature is 18°C.