Vino Passito IGT Villa Crine
Vino Passito IGT Villa Crine
White Veneto passito style desert wine IGT
The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of September or beginning of October. Clusters which are less compact are especially chosen to be laid aside for drying.
The vines are trained using the pergola method.
Drying process
The grapes are set aside to dry for about four months in wood crates or on a wood grating in a well-ventilated drying room where both the temperature and the humidity are controlled.
Fermentation and aging process
The grapes are soft pressed in February. The fermentation takes place in steel tanks.The methods used are the traditional techniques which have been handed down through the generations. The wine is aged in steel for at least five years with further aging in the bottle which is stored in antique cellars carved into tuff stone.
Tasting Notes
The wine is a golden yellow with an outstanding bouquet. It hits the palate with aromas of honey, flowers, and candied orange with overtones of date and mango. It’s quite smooth. It has a pleasant heaviness and a balanced sweetness. It’s silky, smooth, and captivating. The finish is lasting and exquisite.
Alcohol %
Pairing suggestions
Strawberry shortcake with whippedcream, puff pastry with cream, butter cake, blue cheeses and cheese cake with apricots.
Temperature: Ideally served at 13-16°C