Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Battista: "I have the fortune and privilege to cultivate these olive trees given to me by my father and grandfather. This means that our oldest plants are over 250 years old and the youngest are around 70 that determines the intrinsic quality of our Olive Oil. Thanks more immensely my predecessors for giving me this treasure that makes me proud of the product that my friends and customers can then enjoy."
Valpolicella is not, as they say, only Marble and Wine. Olive trees and their oil (the only derivative without solvents) are a fundamental part of it. They soften the landscape giving it a note of serenity that makes its visitors fall in love.
Its production chain is still unknown to most and this affects the age-old culture that deserves this sector. It is our responsibility to know what products we eat, its characteristics and peculiarities.
Some experts say “good for the heart” and are known its nutritional benefits, such as antioxidant, rich in vitamin E, powerful friend of skin and bone health.
For this and a thousand other reasons, the promotion and enhancement of this excellence is so dear to us.
Because health is priceless and a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes difference on a good dish.
Our olive trees are located on Monte Masua, a tufa hill behind our winery, we begin the olive harvest in October and it’s carried out exclusively by hand.