Made exclusively with the Molinara grape which is one of the historic indigenous grape varieties of the territory.
Molinara is known for its aromas which are intense and persistent on the palate. It’s aged in steel and then in the bottle for a year.
Il Pellerossa IGT Villa Crine
Il Pellerossa IGT Villa Crine
Verona Red IGT
Grape Variety
100% Molinara
The altitude of the vineyard is between 200 and 300 metres above sea level. The soil composition includes clay, tuff and alluvial gravel, with calcareous marine rock.
The vines are trained in the pergola system. The density of the vines is between 4,500 and 6,000 plants per hectare with a yields of about 9000 kg/ha
The grapes are harvested by hand between the end of September and the first part of October.
Pressing method
The grapes are soft pressed in steel tanks in November.
In steel for about one year with further aging in the bottle which is stored in antique cellars carved into tuff stone.
Tasting notes
The colour is a light, bright, ruby red. It has a rich and fragrant bouquet with aromas of strawberry and cherry. It has a nice fruitiness and is easy to drink. The flavour lingers on the palate.
Alcohol %
Pairing suggestions
Blue cheeses. Dried fruit and nuts. It’s an ideal wine to accompany a mid-meal conversation.
Temperatura di servizio ideale 12 – 15°C.